Indie ~ free from external control and constraint  

  Guild ~ association of artists in a specific activity  


Founded in June 2010, IndieGuild is calmly establishing itself as an active and attentive promotional platform, a beautifully maintained showcase and quality listening post for the best of independent music and art. IndieGuild's policy is to exalt the direct spirit of communion between artist and public and to willfully disregard the standard charts, competitions and vote exchanges that all too often do no more than to reduce creative talent to yet another banal object of commerce and speculation.

Convinced of the extraordinary wealth of creativity in the independent arena and well aware of the myopic tendency of the mass media to concentrate its attention almost exclusively on the usual 'known names', IndieGuild is moving ahead with determination, pointing on quality rather than quantity, using its own advert-free website, radio and television to give visibility and airplay to a carefully chosen assortment of emerging artists, long-time professionals, and independent idealists.

Strictly no-profit, IndieGuild is free for everybody: artists, listeners and viewers.


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