December 2012 ~ Remi Desroques Productions


"That's how it goes"
BZ feat. Interlude
Remi Desroques Productions winds up 2012 with yet another splendid international collaboration starring South Africa's hip-hop artist "BZ" and guest singer from the UK "Interlude". A slick upbeat mix of hip-hop and electronica with a subtle touch of blues, the excellent guitar work of Yuji Kasai and even an upright bass all come together in perfect Remi Desroques style to create a great end-of-year production. Click here to see how you can support Remi Desroque in his tireless and dedicated promotion of talented independent artists.


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  1. Carlos Wilde Carlos Wilde says:

    Hip Hop in general is not my kind of thing, with all due respect to it. But this crosses the border in my books. It's very well done. Great production, intelligentenly structured, and a hit in my books. Great beat, guitar, bass and vocal delivery. Well done to all involved!!!

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