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Roberto Daglio - Universal Code

Roberto Daglio 'Universal Code' FREE download.

Artist Roberto Daglio
Title Universal Code
Tracks 8
Run time 34:40
Release Date 18 June 2012
Release # IG4
File Type MP3 128-256kbps Stereo
Genre jazz
License BY-ND

Track Listing

  1. Groove Mama [4:15]
  2. Homerdose [5:02]
  3. Back Step [5:38]
  4. Bisbossa [5:02]
  5. Journey to Kilimanjaro (Free Africa) [3:52]
  6. Boomboom Advance [4:27]
  7. Ryoryot [3:41]
  8. Legend of the Scary Muffin [2:43]

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4 Responses to IndieGuild Release: Universal Code

  1. Carlos Wilde says:

    Dear Roberto,
    Wanna say thank you for sharing and allowing me to download your 'Universal Code' project. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to a couple of tracks before I downloaded it and now I am looking forward to listening to it all. Fairplay to you

  2. Thanks to you Carlos for the listening, and i hope you enjoy :) 

  3. Tony Lawson Tony Lawson says:

    This is what makes it all worthwhile :)

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