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IndieGuild Album Review: “The Cheeze Chronicles: Vol. V”

"The Cheeze Chronicles: Vol. V"

~ Lee Negin ~

an album review by resident critic Gianmaria Consiglio

Lee Negin’s new “Technodelic” craziness, “The Cheeze Chronicles: Volume V” (published on 20th June 2014), the first Technopera in two acts in the history of electronic music, will surely keep you awake! Just when you think you’ve figured it all out, the music takes you in a completely different direction . But what is even more surprising, beyond Negin’s mastery, his sheer brilliance and the sound quality, is that the world he creates, while appearing “absurd” and “bizarre”, is far less incoherent than the “real” world most of us inhabit. If Negin’s aim was to point out the absurdities of our society and contemporary life, then he has hit the nail right on the head...

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Spotlight Album: “The Cheeze Chronicles: Volume V” ~ Lee Negin

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