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Spotlight Artist: “Ciauda”



Ciauda's musical genre is a melting pot of world music tinged with streaks of modern pop and a sprinkling of Mediterranean folk. The lyrics are journeys and containers, soaked in sentiments, from a love of the Earth to traditions and metaphors of life's experiences. Winners of a number of awards and prizes including the "Atellana Festival" in 2007 in Caserta and the "Festival della Canzone Italiana" in 2010 in New York, the band published its first Ep, "Unnè" in 2008 and the follow-up "Unnè 2" in 2011. Ciauda is currently preparing for the release of "Unnè 3" to conclude the trilogy.

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IndieGuild Album Review: “Rise of the Underworld”

"Rise of the Underworld"

~ Dark Patrick ~

an album review by resident critic Gianmaria Consiglio

Listening to the most recent productions of modern-day musicians one can’t help wondering if it is still possible in the year 2012 to mix folkloristic and electronic music in a new, original and captivating way. Accustomed as we are to just about everything, even the most unusual sound ideas, it would seem that there is little left to be discovered. Yet some young musicians are still capable of surprising us in an innovative way, even using means that are more or less familiar to everybody.

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(English / Italiano)

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Sound & Vision: “Episode 46″


artwork by Wojciech Magierski
music by Dark Patrick


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Spotlight Artist: “Garden of Minds”

Garden of minds
The "Garden of Minds" sound is very mood-based and has a clear melancholic streak. In the beginning the sound was predominantly acoustic, inspired by folk music and the singer-songwriter genre, but later it developed into a special combination of acoustic and electronic elements, which also reflects the varied musical preferences of the band members. 
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