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Sound & Vision: “Episode 97″

artwork by Kleanthis

music by Concerto Musicale Speranza


Spotlight Video: “Musicante” ~ Concerto Musicale Speranza


The idea of saxophonist Pino Ciccarelli when he first formed "Concerto Musicale Speranza" was to create a musical project that would highlight traditional concert band music through a reworking of some of the most significant compositions used to accompany popular rituals and processions in the Italian peninsula and thereby to establish a bridge between the present and the past: "an interior journey through dreams and reality, magic and wonder, pervaded by a sweet melancholy for times gone by and sadly never to return".


IndieGuild Interview: “Pino Ciccarelli”

Pino Ciccarelli

an interview with resident critic Gianmaria Consiglio

Have you ever asked yourself what ‘avantgarde’ means in 2013? An answer was given once by a big guy born in an underprivileged quarter of Rome, screwed up and with an enormous talent, who played the alto sax like no one else on earth, and who exactly twenty years ago died at the age of thirty-six. His name was Massimo Urbani, and his idea was that, in an era in which he believed everything had already been done, and after “the silence” of John Cage, “the avantgarde is to be found in feelings and not in form”.

Read the full interview in English or Italiano.


Spotlight Album: “Soundtrack Emotions” ~ Mirko Fait (Movies Key Sextet)

Mirko Fait (Movies Key Sextet)


"Soundtrack Emotions" is the latest album from Turkish-born, Italian-raised saxophonist and composer Mirko Fait with his splendid new line-up, the "Movies Key Sextet". Don't miss this album, it's chill-out jazz at its best and absolutley perfect for those sultry summer evenings. (Visit the IndieGuild CDstore for direct "buy" links.)

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