Annemarie Borg Antara

France UK

ambient / experimental / soundscape

Annemarie Borg Antara


“In the stillness we seek, there lies an inevitable motion”

Annemarie Borg was born in Paris but followed her parents as they travelled around the world. With a French father and Swedish mother she was able to learn several languages and felt at home where ever she was.

It was most likely this upbringing that aroused a great curiosity in her and made her very aware of changes and challenges.
A student of law, music and psychology, she also trained in classical music but about 5 years ago turned towards an eclectic blend of styles which gave her more creative freedom.

Today Annemarie lives in London. She is a composer, a singer, a writer-lyricist, and a tutor and is concerned essentially with environmental issues and the conservation of our natural world. She is fascinated by Remote Viewing and the life and language of Cetaceans.

All her recorded work is freely available on request for schools and any organisations or individuals involved with education/ecology/raising awareness of climate change and animal preservation.

She gives live shows (still motion) focused mainly on improvisation and eclectic music.

She is also the founder of the Antara Project: a community of like minded artists/musicians/writers, supported by Artists Project Earth, which is now in its third phase.

Phase 1 was the production of a music compilation of various artists “Breaking Through”.
Phase 2 was a Festival of Art, Music and the Environment.
Phase 3 is a series of lectures and performances based on research and case studies, designed to show the importance of Creativity in our education systems world wide (2013 and 2014).
Phase 4 will be a second Festival celebrating the project in the autumn of 2014.
The Project will then continue to grow in strength to assist changes in our Society as we come to face them.

5 Albums:
Classical orchestral and vocal with John Wilson: "Secrets"
Electronic and vocals with Thamnos: "WIR"
Ambient electronic and vocals: "Iridescent Perceptions" (my first solo album)
Eclectic with contemporary, classical, ambient and electronic artists: "Breaking Through"
Folk electronic and fieldrecordings with Cameo: "Under Palms"

1 new album planned for Spring 2015 : "In nomine Cetus" (more soon)

Art books:
Perceptions: Book 1 Photography Ann Schmitz and poetry Annemarie Borg

Annemarie also works in collaborations with friends like Ann Schmitz, Christophe Havot, Mark Francis "iWhales", Julien Boulier, and Nuno Lupi.

In her own words, "I try to speak from the heart and without boundaries of what I see and feel."



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Annemarie Borg Antara


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