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While it is clearly every independent artist's fundamental right to set a price on his creative production in a fair attempt to make a living for himself, it is also true that some artists are willing to offer a part or all of their creative production free of charge providing they are able to retain certain basic rights regarding the distribution of such works. "Creative Commons" is a free service providing artists with a variety of licenses that regulate, to varying degrees, these  distribution rights. Even the most restrictive form of Creative Commons license still allows users to download and share works freely as long as they provide the artist's name, link back to his website when possible, make no alterations to the work, and do not use the work for commercial purposes (these conditions can be waived with the artist's permisssion). This form of license should be considered the default license for all downloadable works unless otherwise stated. IndieGuild asks listeners to kindly respect this form of license.

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~ jazz / lounge / funk

Adam Castillo
~ ambient / electronica / soundscape

Alberto Arcangeli
~ acoustic / pop / folk-rock

Alexandr Filippov
~ instrumental / jazz / guitar

Art of Empathy
~ dark-wave / new-folk / soundscape

Attila Jelinek
~ lounge / electro-rock / world-fusion

Chriss Onac
~ ambient / electronica / lounge

~ rock / progressive / instrumental

Cyborg Music
~ electronica / experimental / IDM

Dark Patrick
~ experimental / drone / trip-hop

Dazie Mae
~ jazz / blues / acoustic

Dom The Bear
~ electronica / techno / trance

Easily Embarrassed
~ psybient / electronica / ambient

Epic Soul Factory
~ epic / orchestral / soundscape

~ ambient / electronica / pop

Gavin Mart & the Saturday Vandals
~ acoustic / indie / alternative

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