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Kyma produces intelligent, melodic, mellow electronica blended with real and organic instruments.

It is the brain-child of Neil Alderson, a Colchester based hobby musician from the UK. Neil has always been passionate about music from a very early age. He started with Piano lessons at the age of 4 but soon lost interest and then moved onto classical guitar lessons by age 11. It was here that Neil really blossomed in the world of music.

By his teenage years he had moved onto electric guitar and the art of blues and rock. His playing continued to improve as he joined an alternative rock band in the late 90s. This is where Neil began his song-writing career. After the band had split, Neil continued to write but with no output for his creations he turned to home recording.

With limited success in recording live instruments he discovered the magical world of software synthesisers and sequencers. Many of the compositions from earlier years were re-imagined as mellow electronica under the artist name "Karma Police". The album "Swept Away" was self-released into the Indie scene circa 2003 to high praise from his contemporaries.

After some contemplation Neil recently decided to drop the "Karma Police" moniker due to the strong association with Radiohead and rebrand his music under the new name "Kyma". With many new ideas and projects in the pipeline, this story has only just begun.


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