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Mama Chill, mainly influenced by 80’s American rap/hip hop with every other genre thrown in prefers to describe herself as a storyteller. After listening to her music you’d be forgiven for thinking she was an American artist but she’s never ventured outside of the UK. Having grown up listening to the likes of Run DMC, LL Cool J, & Grandmaster flash & the furious five to name but a few, it’s evident that Mama Chill takes her chosen genre seriously.

Not many white UK females would be brave enough to release a track entitled “More Wanksta Than Gangsta” but far from being disrespectful it’s actually a very emotional track which leaves you thinking she’s either actually been in that situation herself or she’s sat inside the head of someone that has. All Mama Chill will say on the subject is that all her tracks are personal true stories.

On the release of the track, she was inundated with emails and requests from gang members asking for a copy and as she said, “That to me is worth more than getting signed by some suited and booted, because it’s comments from the very people who have been or are going through what I’m writing about that make me feel valid as an artist, especially in such a male dominated genre.”

What makes Mama Chill’s Journey even more incredible is that she has been struck down with scoliosis, M.E, fibromyalgia & osteoporosis and was told by the medical profession that any chance of a music career was over. She’s not only proving them wrong, she’s doing it in style. Having recently released her self-funded Album “Nobody Wants To Know Ya When Ya Nobody”, it surely won’t be long before record bosses are knocking on her door.

As Music Journalist Amie Mulderrig stated in her Album review, “When you hear the same old rubbish clogging up the charts it’s a shame to think that someone like Mama Chill remains unsigned because this is one album to be proud of.”



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