Max Maffia & The Empty Daybox


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Max Maffia & The Empty Daybox


The group was formed in 2009 when Salerno guitarist Max Maffia (ma-féar), having played in a number of local groups such as "The Peanuts", "Appesi a un Filo", "Il Pozzo di San Patrizio" and "Nicodemo", and after an enlightening experience running his own independent record label "Daybox Records", decided to set off in a new direction and produce a repertoire of original acoustic instrumental compositions together with a small group of talented musicians from diverse musical backgrounds.

The result is today's "Max Maffia & The Empty Daybox" comprising Max Maffia and Valerio Valiante on acoustic guitars, Daniela Lunelli on the cello and Alex Taborri on the percussion and charango.

The group offers a suggestive repertoire of ambient acoustic instrumental tracks with a distinctly Mediterranean flavour in which a sagacious mix of spontaneous improvisation and careful composition creates a unique and intimate listening experience.

The group's first album, "Happiness is a Tree", was released by "Daybox Records" on 9th February 2012 and can be found on CdBaby and all the major digital download provider services (iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, EMusic, Napster etc).



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Max Maffia & the Empty Daybox


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