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Welcome to .net label...

Welcome to the label.  This page was created in order to help artists further understand what is involved in releasing their music through IndieGuild under a Creative Commons license so they may be better informed before submitting any material for possible release.

The idea...

1. To release 'themed' mini albums for free.

2. To release artists EP's and albums for free.


Everybody loves free stuff and we believe that by offering listeners free albums, they will be enticed to find out more about the artist and become a valuable fan.  Think of each mini album as a mini showcase of 5 artists, a sampler if you will, complete with sleeve notes, album art, license info and web links.  Mini albums will be themed into rough genres, so albums for Rock, Jazz, Classical, Ambient etc etc, but always trying to keep each album a varied mix of sub genres.  Artists can also, if they wish, release whole EP's or albums through label and choose which Creative Commons license to attach to their work.

What does the artist get?...

Valuable exposure through the website and Social Networks and hopefully a few more fans in the process!

What does IndieGuild get?...

More visitors, more subscribers and hopefully more community members, which all mean even more exposure for artists!

What is a Creative Commons license?

"Our tools give everyone from individual creators to large companies and institutions a simple, standardized way to keep their copyright while allowing certain uses of their work — a “some rights reserved” approach to copyright — which makes their creative, educational, and scientific content instantly more compatible with the full potential of the internet."
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What are the options?

1. Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND

This license is the most restrictive of our six main licenses, only allowing others to download your works and share them with others as long as they credit you, but they can’t change them in any way or use them commercially.

2. Attribution-NonCommercial CC BY-NC

This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work non-commercially, and although their new works must also acknowledge you and be non-commercial, they don’t have to license their derivative works on the same terms.

3. Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY-SA

This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work even for commercial purposes, as long as they credit you and license their new creations under the identical terms. This license is often compared to “copyleft” free and open source software licenses. All new works based on yours will carry the same license, so any derivatives will also allow commercial use. This is the license used by Wikipedia, and is recommended for materials that would benefit from incorporating content from Wikipedia and similarly licensed projects.

4. Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA

This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work non-commercially, as long as they credit you and license their new creations under the identical terms.

5. Attribution-NoDerivs CC BY-ND

This license allows for redistribution, commercial and non-commercial, as long as it is passed along unchanged and in whole, with credit to you.

6. Attribution CC BY

This license lets others distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon your work, even commercially, as long as they credit you for the original creation. This is the most accommodating of licenses offered. Recommended for maximum dissemination and use of licensed materials.

Which license does label use?

By default, all mini albums will be released under a CC BY-NC-ND license, the most restrictive of the licenses.  Artists who release EP's or albums are free to choose their license.

What next?

If you are happy with all the above and wish to release something through label, please fill out the submission form.  Alternatively, if you need more help or would like more information, please feel free to ask questions via our contact page.

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