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Yellow Jumps Twice was founded by singer and guitarist, Sebastian Teufel, in the beginning of the year 2000. With its self-titled debut album two years later, the band launched itself into the new britpop movement along with groups like Coldplay, Turin Breaks or Starsailor – who were also just beginning their march from the indie camp into public awareness in Britain.

While bands with a visual artistic flair are currently in vogue, a stunning audiovisual experience often goes hand-in-hand with poor content. Yellow Jumps Twice, on the contrary, achieves even the most sophisticated of ambitions and speaks equally to the heart, stomach and brain. Thanks to its melancholic and melodically powerful music reminiscent of Coldplay, Police or Bauhaus words and music enter a natural symbiosis.

Sebastian Teufel’s vocals are the unmistakable trademark of the band, calling to mind Richard Butler (Psychedelic Furs) and Peter Murphy during his solo times. Elegantly moving between britpop, indie rock and classic rock music, the band manages to develop its own style and fixes the dreamlike melodies and catchy hooks in the ear of the listener.

Yellow Jumps Twice provokes intense feelings through their harmonies, often taking their songs to anthemic heights, although the muted euphoria of the Hamburg-based indie troop works just as well in small, intimate venues. Listening to Teufel’s roughened voice, one might see himself at the same bar as Glen Hansard or the I Am Kloot boys during a night out.

The “Yellows” (as their fans affectionately call them) have inspired devotion not only through their many albums, but also through their numerous live appearances including the Frankfurt International Artist Launch Festival, the Open Air of St. Gallen (Switzerland), the Rock City Club of Bologna (Italy) and the May 1st Festival of Artists and Bands in Vasto (Italy).

The band has also had considerable reported success. Radio stations and clubs in Germany and throughout Europe could not resist the fascination of their music. In the following years they advanced to an international cult: even radio stations in the U.S. and the Philippines (!) have interviewed the band. A presence in print and internet magazines followed, as well as a ten-day Italian tour, and participation in the soundtrack for the British film "Fuel Crises" (directed by John Fox). As new albums were released they continued to be featured in numerous articles and radio spots.

In 2011, Sebastian Teufel decided to make a new start in Hamburg. He quickly created a powerful and unique line-up, adding new dimensions to the songwriter’s melodic rock. The first result of this collaboration is the EP "22113“.



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